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Russian Soyuz booked by Kepler for launch of two satellites

Russian Soyuz booked by Kepler for launch of two satellites

On October 7, authoritative figure of Kepler Communication stated that it will launch two cubesats on Russian Soyuz in 2020. Kepler has planned the launch with the help of Innovative Space Logistics which is a Dutch launch broking company. The Company had also arranged the launching of Kepler’s prototypes in 2018, as well as Indian PSLV.

Jared Bottoms stated that Kepler is planning to launch a constellation of 140 satellites along with 15 business spacecraft till the end of next year, but the company is also employing some changes after Elon Musk’s SpaceX had launched first satellite at 550 kilometers orbit earlier this year.

The prototype satellite of Kepler operates at lower orbits of planet Earth viz. around 550 kilometers on an average. Analysts of Kepler also suggested that due to constellations of SpaceX, its satellites might suffer from signal interference incidences. Bottoms also made it clear that in near future the Company will launch satellites at 575 kilometers above the earth’s surface so that they can stay at a higher altitude in comparison to Starlink satellites.

Bottoms also concluded by saying that at present the prime focus of Kepler is to mitigate possible conjunctions of satellites in the outer space. Next year Kepler has to conclude GK Launch Services Soyuz mission and two other launches. Till 2023 Kepler is aiming to place 140 satellites in the orbit.

While speaking to the media, Bottoms stated that the Company has got spacecraft platforms for GK Launch Services satellites but didn’t reveal the name of service providers. Kepler is planning to introduce Internet of Things for constellation connectivity.

Jared Bottoms also said that it might be possible that Kepler would incorporate propulsion in 2020 and at present electronic antennas are weighed to provide narrowband services. Several sophisticated control systems are used by Kepler viz. brake pads during conjunction alerts and direct beam reorientation of satellites towards customers.

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