Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Researchers 3D Print Magnetic Liquid Droplets—Latest Study

Researchers 3D Print Magnetic Liquid Droplets—Latest Study

Scientists have recently found a new way to use magnets for the betterment of life. Magnet plays a very important role right from the magnetic data storage devices to the magnetic needle on a compass. The MRI body scan machines in the health sector also make use of the magnet for accurate data capturing. The magnets are generally used in the solid form in most of the technologies, but now the researchers are looking at using its liquid form. An advanced 3D printer was used by the researchers at Berkeley Lab to create liquid form of magnets. The printable liquid devices can help make artificial cells for targeted cancer treatment, flexible liquid robots, and a variety of other applications.

The new material is magnetic and liquid developed by the lab helps pave a new path for science that is magnetic soft matter. Researcher Tom Russell initiated a program named “Adaptive Interfacial Assemblies Toward Structuring Liquids” that focuses on constructing 3D-printable all-liquid structures. The ferrofluids are used to form liquid structures as they can act as a strong magnet in the company of another magnet. The 3D-printing technique was used to print 1-millimeter droplets using ferrofluid solution containing 20 nanometers-sized iron-oxide nanoparticles. The droplets were found to have North and South poles just like the usual magnets and act as a solid magnet. These liquid magnets can help create synthetic cells or robots with great flexibility.

Likewise, a team of scientists from the University of Greifswald and Graz University of Technology has manipulated the ferromagnetic material’s magnetic properties on a time scale of electrical field oscillations of visible light parallel to that of the electrical factors through laser pulses. The time-resolved attosecond spectroscopy was used to measure the influence on the magnets. The modified magnets can prove beneficial in the defense, medical, and other commercial applications.

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