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Intuitive Machines wins legal battle, bags Space X contract

Intuitive Machines wins legal battle, bags Space X contract

Intuitive Machineshas announced that they will be launching their lunar Lander with the help of Space X. They have already attained a contract with NASA to land on moon in 2021.

The company has announced that SpaceX is going to launch their Nova-C Lander aboard their Falcon 9 rockets in 2021. According to them, they have selected SpaceX among many other proposals from different companies.

CEO Steve Altemus said that SpaceX’s capability to make low budget rockets will be a key instrument in the realizations of NASA and Intuitive Machines plans. NASA plans on completing their CLPS or the Commercial Lunar Payload Services with them and Intuitive Machines plans to become the first private company to land a craft on moon.

Neither of the 2 companies has disclosed any specific details about the contract as of now. Josh Marshal who is a spokesperson for Intuitive Machines said that SpaceX and their deal is a rideshare mission but they are yet to clarify Nova-C as a primary or a secondary payload.Back in May, Altemus said that they are trying to make NOVA-C, the primary payload but it will also be carrying some backlogged payload which is aimed for Sun-Synchronous orbit.

This announcement has come right after Intuitive Machines won a legal suit against Moon Express. The jury decided that even if there were breaches from Intuitive Machines side, they weren’t as significant to close the contract. They have received $4.1 million and Moon Express equity for their work on the software and the return Lander.

Bob Richards who is the Chief Executive of Moon Express said that they are focusing on their very own lunar Landers now under the CLPS program from NASA. He further added that they were a bit disappointed by the outcome of the case but they are staying strong on their focus on the future to deliver payloads on moon under their CLPS contracts.

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