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Duolingo’s ABC App Will Train Children How To Write And Read

Duolingo's ABC App Will Train Children How To Write And Read

Duolingo will launch a new app in the months to come considering in mind a new audience: kids as young as 4. It will be dubbed as Duolingo ABC, and the firm claimed to the media that it will initially aim on educating kids to write and read in their native language. On the other hand, the company’s eventual objective is to make an edition for adults and assist millions of users who cannot read all over the world. Duolingo will launch ABC out apparently as a trial in the UK first prior to making it accessible in the US and the remaining part.

Luis Von Ahn (company founder) claimed to the media that there is “a huge requirement all over the world, and mostly in developing nations, but illiteracy is a problem even in the UK.” He claimed: “We can make an actual dent in this industry.” And Duolingo can get to probable consumers in developing countries, due to the accessibility of affordable handsets. Most probably, what will hamper its employment in remote areas is the shortage of strong access to mobile data or WiFi.

Duolingo ABC will begin by educating children to identify words, letters, and then sentences before shifting to paragraphs. Von Ahn claims that the firm collaborated with literacy professionals to make a decision on the different teaching approaches it will employ, such as aiming on the relationship between spoken sounds & written characters and on separate sounds in words. The app was also developed to improve and widen the kid’s reading comprehension and vocabulary.

On a related note, Duolingo eelier launched a Classical Latin course that, with the assistance of the Paideia Institute, will assist you learn a language that has not been used commonly for long time—it is not even the Ecclesiastical Latin still employed in churches.

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