Sun. May 31st, 2020

Disney bans competitor Netflix ads on its channels barring ESP

Disney bans competitor Netflix ads on its channels barring ESP

Disney has banned all ads related to Netflix on their channel and online streaming platform except the ESPN channel.This announcement was made by Disney after they have decided to launch their own streaming service called the Disney+ which is set to compete with Netflix. The subscription plans are also aimed competitively and start from $6.69 for a month and $69.99 for a year. The streaming platform will have a lot of movies and TV series from various sources as well as in-house production along with having exclusive rights to Marvel and Star wars franchise.Disney + is set to be available for public starting from November 12.

According to the sources, Disney+ is completely free of ads, but the ads that are present on some other properties of Disney like ABC for an example are prohibited to broadcast any type of ads or commercials from Netflix which can take customers away from Disney+. Netflix hasn’t responded with any statement over this topic as of now.

In an event, a Disney spokesperson told media that the business model based around direct to consumer approach has evolved and more businesses want to advertise themselves over television channels using the various portfolios of Disney in the field. He added that initially, the decision was just based over advertising. They further reevaluated their plans and strategies in order to portray their business relationships with other companies.

According to sources, Disney’s initial plan was to ban all the ads related to any competitor to their service from Disney+, which could have included various other services like Amazon Prime Videos. Disney is offering a bundle deal for every Disney+ user that comprises of ESPN+and HULU.

Some reports have hinted that Amazon and Disney are currently negotiating a deal together under which Amazon will be allowed to buy large amount of ad space on Disney’s services. According to reports, Amazon has no plans of allowing support for Disney+ on their Amazon TV platform.

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